Lombard Street

San Francisco, U.S.A

Chinese, Italian, Kosher

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced bad weather in San Francisco, and this time too I start the day with glorious sunshine and am absolutely thrilled that there’s a Blue Bottle Coffee waiting just around the corner… Read on

Brooklyn Bridge

New York, U.S.A.

Spring Awakening

New York is a city of possibilities where there are countless ways to spend the day. After numerous visits and lots of practice, I succeeded in creating my perfect day in New York… Read on

Paradise Cove

Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Sunny side up

Public transportation in Los Angeles is no bed of roses – with this in mind, the first thing I did in LA was rent a nice car. Fully fitted, I started my ride along the beautiful coast… Read on

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, U.S.A.

Under the Bridge

It was layover time in San Francisco. I felt like dedicating it to one of its most popular attractions, the Golden Gate Bridge. Full of beans I rented a bike at the pier and headed… Read on

Las Brisas

Acapulco, Mexico

The Pink Edit

Wanna travel right back into the 60s when life was fun and Acapulco known as the hide away for hollywoodstars like Elvis Presley instead of drugwars and police? Then follow me to a magical place called Las Brisas, where it seems like the time stood still… Read on