Acapulco, Mexico

The Pink Edit

Las Brisas

Fancy travelling back into the 60s? When life was fun and Acapulco was a hideaway for Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley instead of drug wars and police? Follow me to a magical place called Las Brisas, where it seems like time stood still.

I always had a thing for 60s’ architecture, especially those bungalows. Mine was, thanks to a little upgrade, equipped with a private pool and an amazing view over Acapulco’s bay. On top of that, cute Jeeps were always available to pick me up for a drive around the hotel area. Walking was completely obsolete… Welcome to my personal paradise!

After unpacking and getting in my favourite summer fiesta dress there was only one appropriate thing to do: ordering a pitcher of frozen margarita! There’s only one thing that beats getting tipsy in the afternoon. That would be getting tipsy in the afternoon in a little pink bungalow with a view…

Frozen margarita

Another important activity which I almost missed the first day because I was so busy doing nothing was sunset gazing. While the sun was slipping into the ocean, it became pretty clear why pink is the most popular colour in Las Brisas.

I spent my second day at the hotel’s private beach club. While I was soaking up as much sun as possible I tried to ignore the fact that Berlin’s cold, grey winter was waiting for me to come home.